Maintaining well-organized business records is as important as keeping them safe and secure.


ScanElite’s fully trained, professional indexing team will help you accurately organize your documents. Our specialists will come to your office, or work independently, indexing records at our record center. Our Indexing Services include boxing, re-boxing, indexing, labeling and relocating documents and files.

Think about the time your staff devotes to organizing, updating and tracking your records, instead of the job you hired them to do. Could you use some assistance starting an indexing program, or perhaps completing an indexing project you’ve already begun? Even if some of your records are already indexed, or you’ve already selected a database. Avoid the distraction from your core business and let ScanElite help – our professional indexers can update an existing database, on any platform, or get you started with our records management software.

Correctly indexed files will reduce the number of duplicate or non-critical documents, saving you the costs associated with unnecessarily storing them. Once your records are accurately indexed, our software will allow you to track and monitor their lifecycle 24/7, from your home or office.

ScanElite can also help you classify your documents and determine how long to keep them according to corporate policy, legal requirements, tax ramifications or ISO standards. And to help you navigate the document retention jungle, we provide a free retention guide. The guide lists recommended timeframes for retaining and destroying various types of records across different industries.