Pair Document Imaging with Cloud Hosting and enjoy immediate access, from any computer, anywhere in the world.


Imaging your documents — everything from emails and engineering drawings, to invoices and lab notebooks — provides a significant, but often hidden opportunity to cut costs, improve decision making and safeguard and streamline your entire organization.

ScanElite will prepare, scan, index, and host your business records, providing you with unprecedented convenience and immediate availibility.

Why Use ScanElite for Document Imaging?

Quality and service are the foundations of our business and that applies to imaging as well as managing your business records. We can provide:

  • Quality Control that is unique in the industry: We guarantee 100% accuracy.
  • Interim Access: During the imaging process, we guarantee access to your documents in original or scanned form.
  • Backup Storage Options: We can transfer images to a cloud storage service, flash drive, CD, or store a copy in our Media Vault as backup.
  • Link to the original document: If you store your scanned documents with DataSafe, we will link your box number to the original document, ensuring quick and accurate access.
  • Instant and worldwide access: Through our Image Hosting Service, we will upload images to the cloud, ensuring anytime, anywhere access to your documents.

ScanElite’s Process

1. Pickup documents

Prepare documents for imaging

Sort by folder, or requested order

  • b. Remove staples, paperclips, etc
  • c. Photocopy double-sided pages, photographs, x-rays, and maps
  • d. Print cover or separator page

2. Image documents

  • a. Main PDF file for each box
  • b. Sub-PDF files for each folder within box
  • c. All documents Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enabled
  • d. Using Capture Perfect 3.0 Software

3. Deliver images on flash or portable hard-drive.

4. Shred documents