ScanElite franchises fulfill 5 – 10 million pages in scanning projects for government agencies, doctors, law firms, and other professions with speed and efficiency.

Such projects containing medical records, over-sized maps, x-rays, charts, photos, and various documents are scanned based on client’s specifications. ScanElite continues to demonstrate technological leadership by bringing proprietary innovation and new levels of cost efficiency to document scanning and certified destruction.

ScanElite also cultivates a strict guideline to ensure document security.

Through our sophisticated Total Recall records management software, we are able to use database tracking and bar coding technology to track and monitor organizations business records from pickup, digitizing, and delivery. Our barcode tracking system ensures that there is always a full chain-of-custody tracking on each and every record. Additionally, a confidentiality agreement is provided along with an authorization letter. Documents are not released without proper documentation to ensure the safety, confidentiality, and protection of all data.

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