Document Scanning Process

ScanElite’s Process

1. Pickup documents

Prepare documents for imaging

  • a. Sort by folder, or requested order
  • b. Remove staples, paperclips, etc
  • c. Photocopy double-sided pages, photographs, x-rays, and maps
  • d. Print cover or separator page

2. Image documents

  • a. Main PDF file for each box
  • b. Sub-PDF files for each folder within box
  • c. All documents Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enabled
  • d. Using Capture Perfect 3.0 Software

3. Deliver images on flash or portable hard-drive.

4. Shred documents

ScanElite is experienced in all levels of the scanning process that is catered to our client’s specification.

Through the use of high-volume scanners with customized feed options we are able to produce volumes in excess of 100,000 images daily for large projects.

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