Providing Document Scanning & Data Management Services at
Affordable Prices

The market to convert and manage paper documents in a digital format is accelerating at a rapid pace. Businesses are rushing to digitize their documents saving space, time, money and to capture the value of their data. ScanElite is utilizing technology enhanced business processes enabling companies to efficiently and cost-effectively digitize and manage all their important data and documents.

Business Model

Our goal is to provide Document Scanning & Data Management Services at Affordable Prices. Through sophisticated business processes and technology, we have streamlined the scanning and management of paper documents into digital format at the fraction of the cost previously seen. This allows companies of all sizes to digitize and capture this data to save space, time, and enable more sophisticated, real-time decision making.

Training and Support

ScanElite is committed to making your new business succeed from the start. Our training includes:

  • Proven Business Model
    • Lead Generation Techniques
    • Document Processing Models
    • Pricing Methodologies
    • Business Setup Instructions
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Client Agreements and Proposal Templates
  • Business Planning & Tracking Digital Files
  • Employee Processing Speadsheets
  • Extensive & On-Going Training

Outline of ScanElite Training Program

  • Business Formation
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Contact Process
  • Lead Sales & Pricing
  • Lead Email Templates
  • Document Preparation
  • Document Indexing
  • Document Scanning
  • Microfiche Conversion
  • Cloud Storage Data Management
  • Cloud Document Management Systems
  • Employee Staffing (if desired)
  • Employee Documentation
  • Client Agreements & Forms
  • Accounting & Budgeting

Why ScanElite?

  • Low Start Up Cost and NO Franchise Fees or Royalties
  • Proven Business Model with In-Depth step-by-step instructions
  • Ongoing Support
  • Work from home or office
  • Work full or part-time
  • Flexible Schedule

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