ScanElite Founders


Founder ScanElite • President & Chief Sales Officer

Sales, operations and financial expertise enabling company to achieve profitable growth at a rapid pace. Have been building ScanElite for almost 20 years, after spending 10+ years at Bank of America.

Reference – Bob Tessler, BT Investments

“Dave was hired as a financial adviser to a debtor company which I had invested. I foreclosed on the loan, installed Dave as the CEO, and he created a successful business from a disaster. His strengths have been sales growth, personnel training, account retention and operations.”


Executive Vice President – Customer Service & Operations

Operations Manager Extraordinaire! Lyn has an extensive knowledge of all the internal workings of ScanElite and makes the operation run smoothly on a daily basis.

Lyn Pareno currently oversees our daily operations and is the point of contact for all our current and new customers. With over 16 years of experience in the records management industry and document scanning throughout northern and southern California.